Validation or a replication crisis! Why most published research findings are false !?

In an open publication, Ioannidis address the problem of false research findings where the main intention could be either to raise funds or obtain a higher scientific heat. However, the root of the problem links to different factors. The principal guilty ones to blame are those who work in the venues either incapable to validate the research results before publication or intentionally aim to obtain money. 

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How Slutty Vegan is growing during the pandemic

Becoming a vegan didn't stop Pinky Cole's cravings for fast food. When she got sick of not being able to find the vegan options she wanted, she decided to solve the problem herself. So in 2018 she opened Slutty Vegan, an Atlanta-based restaurant designed to upend expectations with plant-based burgers that could taste good and be a little fun too.
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